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Rossignol District


Drake Squad

Rossignol Circuit

As low as 49.990,00 kr
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Rossignol Circuit snjóbrettið hentar vel á allt fjallið

Designed for beginning to progressing riders, the new CIRCUIT offers a comfortable and forgiving all-mountain ride so you can focus more on learning the motions, instead of falling on your face. Our AmpTek Auto Turn rocker profile supplies user-friendly fun in any snow conditions with effortless float and no-catch edge control for easy, natural progression so you can get better, faster.

Snowboard shape: Directional

Sidecuts: Sigle Radius

Rocker Camber: Amptek Auto-Turn

Snowboard flex rate: Flex 3/10

Insert number: 4*4

Suggested weight: 40-90Kg


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