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Uvex jimm

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Uvex Jimm skíðahjálmurinn er vandaður hjálmur fyrir fullorðna með sportlegu útliti.

The uvex jimm scores through understatement. Combined with stylish colours, its contours create a clean, sporty look. Assuring comfort are a sophisticated ventilation system and the 3D IAS system, which adjusts the height and width of the helmet to fit the head perfectly. Ideal for piste and powder.

The uvex jimm allows downhill and allmountain skiers to fully concentrate on their talents and different needs, trusting a helmet that fits just right. Everyone’s head is different: With three different exterior shell sizes the uvex jimm is especially variable and adjusts individually to the shape of your head – poor fit and pressure points on your skull are a thing of the past. Clever ventilation with style. The uvex jimm makes a statement with its laid-back look. In addition, the allmountain helmet gains points for comfort and allows you to keep a cool head in every situation thanks to the uvex vent system: Fresh air flows into the EPS shell from the front slits through channels branching out in every direction and can circulate within the interior of the helmet without a problem. Further features of the uvex jimm are the anti-allergenic washable helmet lining and ear pads that allow you to hear naturally without filtering or dampening conversations and the environment.


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