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Uvex athletic FM

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Uvex Athletic FM skíðagleraugun eru með breiðri linsu og góðri móðuvörn.

Angular and progressive with a distinctive design, extra-large lens and anti-fog coating. The uvex athletic FM goggles call for one thing above all else: maximum speed! Both on and off the piste. At the same time, the angular frame design extends deep down over the cheeks to offer the perfect match for a variety of helmet models. Another impressive feature of the uvex athletic FM version is the full-mirror double lens.

Angular retro design combined with an extra-wide field of view

Inspired by the angular goggle designs in the 1980s, the new athletic FM is the goggle for slopes, park and powder. With know-how from the Alpine Ski World Cup uvex engineers have developed a goggle, whose edgy look causes a stir. Its large field of view makes it stand out, to make a real statement.

uvex athletic FM has been designe

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Verð 11.990 kr
Vörumerki UVEX
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