291474_0_8A005100001_BONAFIDE 97 FLAT
291474_0_8A005100001_BONAFIDE 97 FLAT

Rossignol SOUL 7 HD

Blizzard Bonafide 97 Flat

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Blizzard Bonafide 97 fjallskíðin eru mönguð á allt fjallið. Skíðin eru skýrð í höfuðið á nautinu Bonafide sem er frægt naut í nautareið í USA.

The iconic Bonafide, long-praised for its masterful combination of technical performance and all-mountain versatility, has gone ahead and one-upped itself. Introducing the all new Bonafide: made to attack the mountain with grace and precision. From crushing through crud, to laying it down on hard pack, to navigating your way through untouched pow in the trees, they’re the ultimate all-conditions daily driver for committed skiers. The new TrueBlend Woodcore specifically targets the flex throughout the ski, with a softer tip and tail that keep you nimble. Denser wood underfoot acts like a gas pedal, giving you the power and drive when you want to charge. Combined with a versatile sidecut and a reduced rocker profile, the Bonafide is the perfect blend of Austrian engineering and real-world testing that’ll keep you skiing confidently, even on those less-than-perfect days.

Construction: Sandwich Compound Sidewall (Ti), Carbon Flipcore, TrueFlex Technology

Rocker: Rocker-Camber-Rocker

Sidecut 118,5-97-136,5

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