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Rossignol Myth


Rossignol Myth S/M

Rossignol Hero Elite Plus

As low as 149.990 kr
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Rossignol Hero Elite Plus svignskíði

Designed for passionate and versatile skiers, the HERO ELITE PLUS+ Ti is powerful, stable and perfectly balanced, blending race-level technology with enhanced on-trail comfort. The Line Control Technology (LCT) meets a wider 78mm waist width and wider sidecuts for optimized comfort, precision, balance. LCT eliminates counter-flexing for maximum stability and optimized trajectory through the turn for total control of your line. 

On-Trail Rocker profile balances instant turn initiation with explosive power and edge grip

Confident Stability, Full Control
Rossignol's patented Line Control Technology (LCT).

Maximum Edge Control
Rectangular sidewall construction delivers race-proven grip, precision and power

Carving Power
Oversized sidecut delivers powerful carving performance

Smooth, Powerful Feel
TItanal layers absorb vibration and transfer power to ski.


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Verð 149.990 kr
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