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Rossignol District White


Rossignol Blackops Whizbanger

Rossignol Delta Comp R-Skin

As low as 69.990 kr
Availability: Á lager
Rossignol Delta Comp R-Skin is available to buy in increments of 1

Rossignol Delta Comp R-Skin gönguskíðin helta vel þeim sem vilja taka vel á því í sporinu.

Bindingar sem henta fyrir þessi skíði eru Rossignol Race Classic


Val á stærð, ráðleggingar framleiðanda:

Stærð á skíðum                 Líkamsþyngd kg

191                                         40-60

198                                         50-70

203                                         60-80

208                                         70-90

Step up to race proven performance. The Delta Comp R-Skin is a race ready, high performance mohair classic ski for expert and fitness oriented skiers. It features the same lively World Cup proven core as our X-ium line but with a large accessible sweet spot designed for a broader range of skiers. Our replaceable R-Skin mohair kick zone insert offers all conditions kick and glide with no prep required. The ski is compatible with the Turnamic® binding system for the most natural ski flex and snow feel.

Always-Ready Kick and Glide
R-Skin replaceable mohair insert offers an easy, consistent kick and maximum glide with no prep work; Good for 100-150 days on snow

Easy Handling
Activ Cap offers a balance of torsional rigidity and supple flex from tip to tail for all conditions stability

Ultralight Feel
Nomex® Honeycomb core features ultra-lightweight aramid fibers in a honeycomb shape with a high strength-to-weight ratio for powerful, elite-level performance


• Very light material with excellent compression characteristics and strength; • Used on all Expert skis and some Performance skis.


Featuring a replaceable mohair insert, waxless R-SKIN base structures offer an easy, consistent kick and maximum glide with no additional prep work.


Our ACTIVE CAP construction combines ROSSICAP and multi-directional fiberglass for a supple flex from tip to tail to glide over uneven terrain and increased torsional rigidity for enhanced control.


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Verð 69.990 kr
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