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Uvex Sportstyle 230


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Uvex Sportstyle 512

As low as 2.990 kr
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The uvex sportstyle 512 is the bees’ knees. With its oversize design, mirrored lenses and robust, hard-wearing frame, it covers all bases.

What do kids want from their sunglasses if they are going to wear them? They have to look cool. And these days, fashion-conscious kids pay more attention to detail than ever. Seriously Mum, who wears just normal shades? But oversized XXL wide vision and stylish mirror lenses, now you’re talking. And the frame is built to take plenty of punishment. With a secure headband to keep ‘em in place and Don Johnson Miami Vice looks (ask your Dad).

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Verð 2.990 kr
Vörumerki UVEX
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