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Uvex Sportstyle 227


Uvex Sportstyle 230

Uvex Sportstyle 228

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It doesn’t get more progressive than this! The oversize-shield uvex sportstyle 228 takes style and performance to the next level.

Are they really sports shades? You bet. And then some. The full mirror XXL oversize shield offers not just a super large field of vision, but also reliable anti-fogging via uvex supravision® technology and direct ventilation along the lens. These glasses represent the best of form and functionality. Angular cut outs in the ultra-large one-piece lens and the striking design all support the venting performance. In addition, their clever moisture-repellent surface makes them easy to keep clean for clearer vision at all times.

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Verð 13.990 kr
Vörumerki UVEX
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