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Luxe, Beach - Rainforest

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PackTowl Luxe Beach handklæði, létt og fljótþörnandi handklæði. Hand handklæðið er 25x35cm og hentar vel í öll ferðalög.
The Luxe towel is our most luxurious quick-drying towel available. Whether traveling, working out, camping, boating or spending time in the water, the Luxe towel offers cozy, cotton-like comfort with fast-drying and Polygeine® odor-controlled performance in vibrant colors with contrast trim.
  • Soft looped fabric: Ultra-soft looped terry knit microfiber fabric feels just like your fluffy cotton towels at home.
  • 5x Absorbency: Absorbent fabric soaks up 5 times its weight in water, which can be wrung out easily.
  • Fast-drying: Dries nearly 30% faster than comparable cotton towels.
  • Fresh: Polygiene® odor control helps keep towel fresh.
  • Compact: Takes up less space than similar cotton options.
  • Convenient: Hang loop and zippered storage pouch included for easy drying and packing.
  • Practical: Machine washable.
Beach Towel
Weight: 0.46 kg
Width: 91cm
Length: 150cm
Material: 80% Polyester, 20% Nylon
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Verð 9.990 kr
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