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Deuter First Aid Kit pro

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The FIRST AID KIT PRO by DEUTER is an extensive first aid kit that is ideal for tours with the family or the group. An easy-to-access all-round package for emergencies. Details: • first aid kit made of robust ripstop nylon • all round zip for a fast access • fold-out interior • loop for attachment to a chest belt • carrying handle • 1 medium dressing (sterile) • 1 large dressing (sterile) • 1 triangular bandage • 1 gauze bandage • 1 fleece gauze pad (sterile) • 20 pcs Leinaplast set • 1 Mediplast tape with protection • 1 pair of large metal scissors • 2 pairs of latex gloves • 1 pair of tweezers • 1 emergency whistle • including emergency instructions
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