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MSR Alpine 2 Pot Set

Deuter Kid Comfort Pro

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Deuter Kid Comfort Pro barnaburðarstóllinn er topp burðarstóllinn fyrir börn. Með þessum komast börnin hvert sem er. Passa fyrir börn sem geta sitið upprétt sjálf og uppí 22kg.

3550 g
12 + 10 Liter
80 / 43 / 34 (L x W x D) cm
The pro child carrier comes with an integrated, separately useable daypack for quick runs to the changing room. There is also a fixed sun roof and a mirror for a quick rear-view of the child on the back. The load is transferred perfectly, thanks to the new Aircomfort Sensic Vario mesh back system. The child carrier fits snuggly while the back is fully ventilated. The large, soft pillow gently braces the tired child‘s head even in the corners and supports a relaxing nap. The side entry and the easy-to-use harness system ensure safety, guaranteed by the TÜV GS safety seal of approval.
    • Aircomfort System
    • VariSlide System
    • Bottom compartment
    • Outer pockets (3)
    • Padded hip belt
    • Adjustable sternum belt
    • Compatible with 3.0 litre drinking system/bag
    • Includes a day pack
    • Load adjustment straps
    • Pull-forward hip fins
    • TÜV
    • Mesh back system



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Verð 69.990 kr
Vörumerki DEUTER
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