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Coleman Te Cooler PowerBox Plu

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Coleman Te Cooler Powerbox kælibox með 12v og 230v rafmangstengjum.

The active Powerbox ® Plus 36L 12 / 230V cooler works with a 12V car plug or a 230V socket (both cables are included). In combination with the high-quality injected PU foam, the box keeps the contents cool up to 19 °C below the ambient temperature . 

The box is equipped with a rotary knob with 4 modes , with which you can choose the performance and efficiency level. You can switch off the cooler by turning the rotary switch to 'OFF' , without having to pull the plug out of the socket. For less fan noise, you can set the switch to the 'NIGHT' mode. For efficient but environmentally friendly operation, the 'ECO' mode can be used. The 'MAX' mode is available for ultimate cooling performance. 

The cooler has an antimicrobial inner lining , a powerful protection against mold in the cooler that prevents the development of microorganisms and unpleasant odors.

  • 36 lítra
  • Features: Thick, high quality PU insulation, works with a 12V car plug or a 230V outlet, built-in transformer, adjustable cooling performance with four modes, lockable lid that 'clicks' when attached, anti-microbial lining and two side handles.
  • Insulation: PU
  • Insulating performance (+/- 1 ° C): 19 degrees below ambient temperature
  • Þyngd: 5.2 kg
  • Stærð (L x H x b): 56 x 41 x 35 cm
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Verð 39.990 kr
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