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Rossignol Hero Jr 65

Rossignol Reply Impacts

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Rossignol Reply Impacts skíðahjálmurinn er góður hjálmur á fjallið. Impacts tækning tryggir betri endingu á hjálminum.

Carve the groom and explore the mountain in the Reply IMPACTS ski helmet. The durable IMPACTS design features a hardshell and EPP multi-impact foam combination for enhanced all-around durability with no compromise to fit, weight or style. The Dial R-Fit adjustment system lets you fine tune the fit, while adjustable vents let you regulate your temperature based on the conditions.

Durable Protection
EPP multi-impact technology features expanded polypropylene that increases durability over the course of regular day-to-day use that helps the helmet retain protective shock absorption properties longer

Adjustable Fit
The Dial R-Fit system allows for more fit adjustability and is designed to maximize helmet comfort, support and protection

On-The-Fly Temperature Control
Adjustable active ventilation allows for on-the-fly temperature control and increased comfort

Weight 550g


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Verð 18.990 kr
Vörumerki NORDICA
Vendor Item Id RKHH202
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