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Nike W Air Max Bella Tr 4


Nike W Metcon 7

Nike W Metcon 7

As low as 26.990 kr
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Nike Metcon 7 æfingaskór, léttur og góður æfingaskór sem hentar best í interval æfingar og lyftingar þar sem sólinn er harður og gefur gott jafnvægi.

The Nike Metcon 7 is the gold standard for weight training—even tougher and more stable than previous versions. We've also added React foam that ups the comfort to keep you ready for high-intensity cardio. 
Grip From All Angles
Revamped rubber wraps up your arch for intense grip during rope climbs. Rubber tread gives you traction from the training room floor to the tarmac.

More Benefits

  • Lightweight mesh with textured overlays in high-wear areas helps keep your foot cool without sacrificing durability.
  • Tab locks down the laces with a hook-and-loop closure to help keep them out of the way.
  • Handstand clip at the heel minimises drag during wall exercises.
  • Flywire cables integrate with the laces to help secure your midfoot.
  • Grooves in the sole let your forefoot bend naturally.
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