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MSR Snow Picket 90 cm

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MSR Snow Picket er til að tryggja klifrara í erfiðum og bröttum snjóaðstæðum

The MSR Snow Picket is the most widely used and trusted piece of snow protection made. Our updated design boosts durability and ease-of-placement, providing fast and reliable snow protection when it counts.

  • Strong: Aircraft-grade aluminum T-beam offers maximum strength with minimum weight.
  • Durable: Reinforced hammer-end reduces deformation.
  • Efficient: Tapered drive-end penetrates easily.
  • Versatile: Multiple, beveled attachment points allow vertical and horizontal placement.
  • Visual Cue: Etching denotes the middle clip-in point.
  • 0.61 kg
  • Aluminum
  • 90 CM
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Verð 9.990 kr
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