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ON Cloudflow Wide Karla Hlaupaskór


UA Heatgear Armour Fitted Peysa Karlar svartur

ON Cloudventure3 Karla Hlaupaskór

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On Cloudventure 3 Afar léttir hlaupaskór með góðum stuðningi, frábærri dempun og mögnuðu gripi. Henta best fyrir utanvegahlaup, lengri utanvegahlaup, hlaup & göngur í blautu fjölbreyttu undirlagi.

Whatever your mission, this third-generation trail running shoe is perfect on technical trails where precision is key.

Technical trails, steep climbs, rocky terrain, downhill cushioning

Newly configured CloudTec® joins forces with Helion™ superfoam to offer you the smoothest and most comfortable ride on tough and rocky terrain. The new slingshot Speedboard® provides direct and fast feedback from the ground while the improved Missiongrip™ offers our best grip yet.

The Cloudventure's softest upper to date isn't just lightweight, it’s also breathable, extremely durable and about 80% of the polyester used is recycled. Guaranteeing perfect ventilation and a long-lasting fit for maximum protection and comfort. Flexible tongue wings inside support your midfoot.

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Verð 27.990 kr
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