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Nike Precision Vi Körfuboltaskór

As low as 15.490 kr
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Nike Precision 6 léttir og þægilegir körfuboltaskór sem gefa gott jafnvægi og eru með gott grip. Henta vel á allar körfuboltaæfingar og leiki.

Create space, stop on a dime, shoot off the dribble—do it all with the Nike Precision 6. It's designed to enable quick players to shift speeds and change directions while staying in control. From the plush collar and tongue to the modified herringbone traction, the agile low-top lets you make the most of your skills while pushing the tempo of the game.

All-Game Comfort

Plush foam on the collar and tongue enhances the feeling of comfort around the ankle and over the top of the foot—areas where you want no distractions.

Sculpted for Speed

The sculpted foam midsole feels soft and supportive, providing cushioning for the game's nonstop movement.

Traction for Quick Cuts

Herringbone traction provides multidirectional grip, great for players who rely on their quickness and cutting ability. The rubber wraps up the sides in the forefoot to give you traction on your edges.

Secure Your Fit

Updated lace positioning and midfoot webbing loops help you stay secure in your shoes and free from distractions.

More Benefits

  • Low collar provides mobility at the ankle.
  • Visible cutout in the foam helps reduce weight.

Product Details

  • No-sew overlays
  • Nike label on tongue top
  • Molded Swoosh logo


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Vörumerki NIKE
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