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Meindl Kansas GTX (R)

Nike M Metcon 6

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Nike Metcon 6 æfingaskór, skór sem henta einstaklega vel í líkamsrækt. Þeir hafa nokkuð harðan botn sem hentar einstaklega vel í lyftingar.


The Coolest Metcon

Nearly 18% more breathable than the Metcon 5, this version features lightweight mesh that keeps air flowing and your foot cool. A durable screen print reinforces the mesh without sacrificing breathability.

Stability Under Weight

A low, flat and wide heel creates a stable base for weighted exercises. A removable Hyperlift insert lets you adjust the height under your heel from one set to the next.

Durable Traction

Rubber tread on the outsole and up the side of the shoe provides traction on the ground and grip when you're climbing a rope.

Focused Cushioning

Foam is firmer under the heel for a secure feel and softer in the forefoot to cushion high-impact moves.

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Verð 29.990 kr
Vörumerki NIKE
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