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Meindl Kansas GTX (R)

Nike Revolution 6 Nn

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Nike Revolution 6 hlaupaskór, þvílíkt góðir hlaupaskór sem henta vel í allar lengdir hlaupa!

Here's to new beginnings between you and the pavement. Lace up the 100% recycled laces and set the pace at the start of your running journey with the plush feel of the Nike Revolution 6 Next Nature. We know comfort is key to a successful run, so we made sure your steps are cushioned and flexible for a soft ride. It's an evolution of a favorite, with a breathable design made with at least 20% recycled content by weight.

Simple Design
Plush mesh is placed at the forefoot and along the collar for a comfortable feel. Additional skins throughout add durability.

More Flexibility
A foam midsole delivers a softer ride than the Revolution 5. The outsole has a computer-generated design that creates a natural piston effect as you run, providing more cushioning and flexibility. They combine for durable traction.

Intuitive Touch
Touch points at the heel and tongue create a natural feel as you take the shoes on and off.

Product Details

  • 100% recycled polyester laces.


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Verð 12.490 kr
Vörumerki NIKE
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