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Meindl Kansas GTX (R)

Nike M Speedrep

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Nike SpeedRep æfingaskór, góðir í alla alhliða líkamsrækt eða bara hversdags.


Flexible and Grippy

Grooves under the toe help your foot bend naturally during planks and burpees. Full-length rubber tread gives you 360 degrees of traction on all types of gym surfaces.

Comfortable and Convenient

A plush insole combines with foam cushioning for lasting comfort, whether you're throwing them on for your workout or you've been wearing them all day.

Subtle and Supportive

Built-in supports at the side of the heel and forefoot help brace your foot during side-to-side moves.

Cool and Tough

Lightweight mesh stretches and breathes for comfortable movement. Overlays on the mesh reinforce the upper to stand up to the demands of your workout.

Product Details

  • Pull loop on the heel
  • Style: CU3579
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Verð 14.990 kr
Vörumerki NIKE
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