Bridgedale Trail Run Ultralight T2


Bridgedale Trail Run Ultralight T2

Bridgedale Trail W Run Ultralight T2

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Bridgedale Trail W Run Ultralight T2 Mjúkir göngusokkar. Merino ullarblandan veitir framúrskarandi hlýju og loftar vel þannig að fæturnar haldast þurrir. Þessi útfærsla er í kvennasniði.

Women's lightweight trail running sock with a medium length.
Ultralight 3/4 merino has T2 padding. Sturdy compression from the edge of the sock to the arch helps to keep the ankle and foot in balance. The socks have a tight upper part of the stem, which prevents, for example, pebbles and liquids from entering the sock. In addition, a reinforced toebox that withstands wear and tear and allows the foot to move normally with the sock on. Designed especially for trail running in warmer weather to keep your feet dry and therefore comfortable to run.

33% merino wool
51% nylon / polyamide
14% LYCRA DRY® / polyamide
2% LYCRA® / elastane


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