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Adidas M X9000L4 Götuskór

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Adidas M Feelcozy Buxur

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Adidas Feelcozy buxur úr mjúku og þægilegu bómullarefni sem hentar einstaklega vel hversdags.

Athletes agree — get the fundamentals right, and everything else follows. These adidas sweat pants are a promising place to start. Made from fleece, they're soft and comfy all the way from the elasticated, mid-rise waist to the cuffed hems. With side pockets and a back pocket, they'll hold more than just your phone. That leaves your hands free for your coffee. Made in part with recycled content generated from production waste, eg. cutting scraps, and post-consumer household waste to avoid the larger environmental impact of producing virgin content.

  • Regular fit
  • Drawcord on elastic waist
  • 70% cotton, 30% recycled polyester fleece
  • Side pockets
  • Back pocket
  • Cuffed hems
  • Fleece
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