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Rollerblade Hydrogen Spectre

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Rollerblade Hydrogen Spectre is available to buy in increments of 1

Rollerblade Hydrogen Spectre  80mm línuskautahjól 4 stykki í pakka 

Rollerblade Hydrogen Spectre 80mm 85A Wheels. The Hydrogen wheels are made with premium urethane poured USA. Great durability and rebound, with excellent vibration control. Consistent speed and performance when cornering makes them a solid choice for urban skating and even freestyle slalom. It isn't a large footprint, but it somewhat full and resembles that of a speed or bullet radius.  

• OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE - Controlled speed and excellent wear, 80mm/85A
• PREMIUM FORMULA - Resilience and rebound
• SOLID CORE DESIGN - Consistent speed and cornering
• MAXIMUM GRIP - Excellent vibration control
• MADE IN THE USA - (4) wheels per set, bearings and spacers not included

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