Asanas Yoga The Calm Cloud Eye


Asanas Yoga The Calm Cloud Sup

Asanas Yoga The Calm Cloud Eye

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Asanas The Cloud, Eye pillow, komdu þér vel fyrir með augnpúðann á augunum. 


Create your own calm oasis.

The Cloud Eye Pillow is an organic meditation cushion designed to elevate your experience of meditation by applying gentle pressure over your eyes and forehead and blocking out light during your meditation for full immersion. You can even scent your eye pillow by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil or adding dried lavender inside the pillow.

This modern shape is both beautiful and functional in the studio or at home.

Calming colors and modern design, with a gentle reminder of nature with beautiful details of cork handles.

Easy to use for those new to meditation and those who have practiced for years alike.

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