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Adidas Supernova M

Hoka Elevon 2 Herra

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Hoka Elevon 2 karla hlaupaskór, einstaklega léttir og þægilegir skór með virkilega mjúkum sóla. Hentar vel i allar lengdir hlaupa, löng og stutt hlaup.
A premium trainer that provides cushion and a secure ride, the Elevon 2 is here with a bold update. It features more support in the midfoot and forefoot and has asymmetrical internal support wings for an individualised fit. This update includes softer cushion to emphasize that step-in comfort plus an extended heel for smoother transitions. Both responsive and cushioned, the Elevon 2 is a trainer that allows you to pick up the pace or take it slow for recovery.
  • Anatomical support wings allow for an individualized fit
  • Asymmetrical tongue provides a secure feel
  • Tongue features strategic cutouts for breathability
  • Lightweight engineered mesh upper offers breathability and performance
  • Top layer PROFLY™ midsole offers a responsive toe-off with a forgiving landing
  • Extended heel provides more cushion underfoot and smoother transitions
  • Features a deeper Active Foot Frame in the midsole for added support
  • Strategic forefoot grooving offers increased flexibility during toe-off
  • Crystal transparent rubber outsole provides a clean aesthetic
  • 100% Vegan

Stability - Neutral

Cushion - Plush

Weight - 288.00

Heel To Toe Drop - 5.00mm


Item No. 1106477

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Verð 29.990 kr
Vörumerki HOKA
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