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Gangers Odour Eliminator er lyktareyðir fyrir skó og búnað sem erfitt er að þvo.

Efnið er Bluesign umhverfisvottað og umbúðirnar eru úr endurunnum plastúrgangi sem slæddur er úr hafinu.

Quickly eliminate the source of odours that linger on non-washable items with this spray-on easy-to-use product. Whether you actively commute, want to refresh your kit or sleeping bag between washes, are fed up of smelly trainers or need to freshen up your boxing gloves, this product is for you! 


    • Neutralises odours
    • Refreshes
    • Bluesign® approved
    • PFC-free


    • All activewear
    • Gloves
    • Helmets
    • All footwear
    • Bags
    • Sleeping bags
    • Shin pads
    • All non-washable items

When you’re active, it’s not just your clothing that suffers it’s also your footwear and accessories. Whatever you’re into, be it walking, camping, cycling, skiing, boxing etc, there will be some part of your gear that you always wish you could get fresh. Well this is why you need Odour Eliminator.

Whether it’s for the inside of your shoes, your helmet, sleeping bag, gloves, shin pads etc, Odour Eliminator will work to remove those unpleasant odours. This spray-on neutraliser is perfect for those non-washable items, or as a refresh for outdoor gear between washes.

This bottle is full of powerful yet gentle stuff, meaning that it tackles odours at their source rather than masking them with perfumes but is kind to breathable membranes and water-repellent finishes at the same time.

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