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Didriksons Kure Kids Parka 4

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Didrikson Kure Parka 4 Vatns- og vindheld úlpa úr Polyamide.  Tveir vasar sitthvoru megin framan á og hetta með gerviloði sem hægt er að taka af. 

Kure is a warmly padded parka made in a windproof and waterproof fabric. It is hard-wearing and breathable and has taped seams. This parka has reflective details at the cuffs, which can be adjusted, with velcro that does not snag the fabric, as well as reflective details on the piping and at the back. Kure has two front pockets with a loop for attaching a reflector underneath the pocket flap. The hood and its faux fur trim are both detachable. Kure features the “Extend size” function, which means that the sleeves can be extended by up to one size. Kure is padded with recycled polyester fibre that provides effective insulation. The lining has been dyed using a solution dyeing technique. This technique reduces water, energy and chemical consumption during production. PFC-free water-repellent finish. Name tag with space for several names inside.


This garment is waterproof.


This garment has insulating properties.


This garment has good breathability.


This garment is very hard-wearing.


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Vörumerki Didriksons
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