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Reima Regnbuxur Lammikko

Reima Regnbuxur Lammikko

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These are just the right pants to wear for sitting in a puddle.

The name 'Lammikko' [luhm-mic-co] means Puddle. The double M and double K in the name are pronounced very slowly. Kids often take puddle play slowly, too, enjoying the wonderful wetness by sitting in it for hours. Our rain pants let them do just that.

These best-seller pants have suspenders to make sure they stay on through the wildest outdoor games, and they also let you buy a little extra room for growth. The raised waist at the back and front gives additional coverage for little bakers of mud cakes.

To get a colourful, storm-proof combo that cheers up any rainy day, match these pants with the Lammikko raincoat.

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