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Nike Star Runner 3 (Tdv)

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Nike Star Runner 3 (Tdv) Barna strigaskór hægt að nota í innanhúsleikfimi eða bara út að leika.

We've got some serious star power here. The Nike Star Runner 3 shoots for the sky with play-ready shoes made for each crawl to every growing step. We've added 2 straps for easy takeoff, plus supersoft foam and lots of flexibility to rocket up the comfort. Designed with the Earth in mind, they're made with at least 20% recycled content by weight.

Play Ready

Recycled mesh on the front of the shoe helps little feet stay cool and gives toes wiggle room to move. Synthetic leather around the heel gives stability and durability.

Strappy Support

2 hook-and-loop straps make these kicks so easy to take on and off—any kid can learn to do it!

Star Studded Cushioning

The plush foam sole provides soft cushioning, and flex grooves help make every step feel natural. A star is molded near the toe to depict a shooting star across the foot.

More Benefits

  • A skin layer across the toe tip provides extra durability for little ones who drag their toes.
  • The waterfall-shaped collar (with extra padding) provides slip-in comfort.



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