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TNF B Reversible Perrito Jacket

Nike Jr Vapor 15 Club Ps(V) Gervigras fótboltaskór

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Nike Jr. Mercurial Vapor 15 Club TF Vandaðir fótboltaskór sem henta vel á gervigrasvelli en skórnir eru með TF (turf) takka undir sóla. Gúmmí yfirsól veitir frábært grip á gervigrasvelli.

Keep the game fun and exciting for little football sensations in the Nike Jr. Mercurial Vapor 15 Club Shoes. Forget the laces (for now!) – they slip on and stay secure with a big strap over the top. Built for turf surfaces, they have plenty of traction to roam the pitch, so your future star can focus on developing their skills.

Contain Your Speed
Thye speed cage inside is made from a thin but strong material that secures the foot to the plate without adding extra weight.

Exceptional Touch
Synthetic-leather upper features small textured details that provides grip for better ball control when learning to dribble.

Strappy Supports
A hook-an-loop strap makes these football shoes easy to get on and off while heading to the pitch and back home.

Ground Control
Rubber outsole provides great traction for artificial-grass surfaces found at indoor football and futsal facilities.

Seamless Fit and Feel
A comfortable lining wraps little feet for a natural, close-fitting feel.

Product details

  • For use on shorter, synthetic surfaces
  • Cushioned insole
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