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Speedo Koala Float Vest Iu


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Speedo Koala Armbands Iu

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Speedo Sea Squad Armbands, kútar sem halda krökkunum á floti í sundlaugininni.
Make a mighty splash with our Corey Croc printed armbands! Armbands are the key to making little explorers feel confident in deeper water, and ready to unlock adventure beyond the shallows. Speedo Armbands are made of high quality PVC with safety valves and manufactured to Austrailian and European saferty standards.
  • Stage 2 - Start Swimming.
  • Designed to help your child build confidence in the water.
  • Dual air chambers allow buoyancy levels to be adjusted as your childs confidence grows.
  • Non-return safety valves to prevent aid from leaking out.
  • Manufactured to the most rigourous Australian and European Safety Standards.
  • Children must be under supervision when using this product.
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Vörumerki SPEEDO
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