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Arena Instant Antifog Spray

Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe MR

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Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe Mirror Goggles sundgleraugu, þægileg gleraugu með tvöföldu, stillanlegu bandi og spegla gleri. Henta einstaklega vel í allar sundæfingar.
Discover the the most advanced anti-fog protection ever! arena’s new Anti-Fog Swipe Technology is a groundbreaking new approach to solving the problem of goggles that fog up. The Cobra family’s existing antifog treatment is already one of the best. Now with Swipe technology, arena made it even better! With just a single swipe of the finger, Swipe Anti-Fog can be reactivated, extending the protection up to 10 times longer! When goggles become foggy, gently swipe the inner lenses with your fingertip while the goggles are in the water and enjoy clear vision for longer. Exclusive golden finish of the frame. Available with clear or dark lenses
  • 70% Polycarbonate 20% Silicone 10% Thermoplastic Elastomer
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