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Nike Court Borough Low 2 Psv

Arena The One Goggle

As low as 3.500 kr
Availability: Á lager
Arena The One Goggle is available to buy in increments of 1
Arena The One sundgleraugu með "tvöföldu", stillanlegu silikon bandi og glæru gleri.
The arena One goggle was designed to fit most faces, based on R&D data captured on the structural similarities of faces. The area around the eye sockets is the most important area for engineering the perfect goggle seal. With its softer tissue, the eye socket needs a goggle that will adhere through non-compromised suction. We have designed the One goggle for the fitness-minded swimmer doing laps in the pool to stay fit. Inspired by all our goggles, the crystal clear lens and the anti-fog treatment for the One goggle will provide you with a forward and peripheral visual performance. With its smart one-piece construction, embedded lenses and the adjustable one-piece nose bridge, the arena One goggle is the only goggle you need.
  • 50% Polycarbonate 30% Thermoplastic Rubber 20% Silicone
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Verð 3.500 kr
Vörumerki ARENA
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